Science events
Software & Libraries

FreeFem++ Language to solve PDE

Feel++ Fem, hp/fem, spectral methods

PaStiX Parallel Sparse matriX package

ParMETIS Parallel graph partitioning

Scotch Parallel hypergraph partitioning

NAG The Numerical Algorithms Group

PETSc Toolkit for scientific computation

Mayavi Scientific visualization

ParaView Scientific visualization

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Latest Projects

Domain decomposition for problems of hemodynamics

Direct numerical simulations of turbulent fluid flows

Blood flow simulations for non-matching grids

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DDM Conferences

20th San Diego

19th Zhangjiajie

18th Jerusalem

17th St. Wolfgang

16th New York

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Latest Presentations

Introduction to Domain Decomposition Methods
by Alfio Quarteroni

Robust multiscale preconditioner for Stokes/Darcy coupling by Galvis, Sarkis

24th International Conference on Domain Decomposition Methods
6-10 February 2017,Svalbard, Norway → [details]

22th International Conference on Domain Decomposition Methods
16-20 September 2013, Lugano, Switzerland → [details]